Change your feet support with Sandals in Summer

Sandals are becoming more and more popular among men with the changing ways of our society. Also, they can range from formal shoes to casual beach footwear. Summer time is the best time to provide your wardrobe a new look. Apart from clothes, it is vital to important to choose footwear and accessories according to this season. Choose footwear that is airy, comfortable and cool, because you wouldn’t want your feet to feel oppressed in the heavy heat. A pair of good quality sandals would be the ideal footwear for summer days.


Sandals are stylish, comfortable and allow free passage of air around your feet. Anyone can wear them all day without feel sweaty. Therefore, whether you’re going to spend your day at the beach, going on a shopping trip friends on the streets or going on on a hiking trip, sandals are simply perfect.

Men’s Sandals For Different Occasions

Men’s sandals are available in so many different styles that you can wear them anywhere. This means that you might not have to wear shoes at all.

For Casual Occasions

When you want to go out to watch a movie or want to play volleyball or any other game with your friends, you can wear sandals with your favorite chinos or shorts and t-shirts. Men’s casual sandals come in many colors, including brown, black, mehndi, tan and black::red::grey.

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Looking Best Footwear Which Containing Excellent Features

Mens footwear list contains running shoes, casual footwear, sandals and boots. All of these can be worn on a number of occasions. These footwear offers a number of benefits and that is why you can find a countless variety of mens footwear during online shopping in India. Let us take a look at some of the benefits they offer to the one wearing them –

  1. Protecting feet against any kind of harm – Running shoes contain the midsole for protecting your feet from the hard objects as you step on them and these absorb all the impact of each and every step you take. If the midsole is softer, it provides cushioning and protection from the hard things.

  2. Handling Supination and Pronation – As you run you roll your feet outward and that problem is known as Supination and if it is inward, then it is known as Pronation. Supination causes an extra stress on the bones and the ligaments on the outer side of your foot and thus it causes the increased possibilities of injury. As the foot is able to absorb the shock comparitively less efficient, and that results in knee pain. Pronation can also misalign your knee and you are at greater risks of developing plantar fascitis, shin splints, and bunions.

  3. Style is what you want – No matter if it is a casual shoe or running shoe or sandals, the style also matters equally. Though men do not have as many number of designs in their footwear as compared to women, but even the less number of styles are beyond expectations and very impressive.

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If you searching durability and comfortable sports shoes Go with AERO

Choosing a right pair of sports footwear will prevent you from injuries and help you in giving your best in workout or in playgrounds. Today, people are facilitated with the convenience and availability of online sports shoes. Many outstanding brands with their impressive designs are displaying their products in this way.

Choose A Reputed Brand For Long-Time Durability:

Aero is a well-known shoe brand in India that begun its journey few years back, but has become one of the most popular sports shoes brand in the country today. It provides remarkable products and services. This brand “AERO” has established itself in the Indian market because of its high quality, durability and comfort. They are using 100% imported Eva along with the best quality chemicals. Also, they have a highly professional, qualified and experienced research and development team, which is dedicated to develop new footwear. They fly high to improve the quality of their existing range of shoes as per the feedback given by their customers.

Aero sports footwear range is wide and different and includes a variety of sports shoes like Athletic Shoes ( Running, Walking and Training shoes), and outdoor shoes (boating, fishing and hunting). Sports shoes from this brand are available in a lot of varieties as well as for different activities. Anyone can easily find a great pair of footwear for outdoor adventure, playing, running and exercising. The new model of sports shoes is going to arrive at its online store by June 2016. Aero has been for their looks, comfort, quality, performance and of course durability.

When you are ready to buy shoes online, you must consider different design features of shoes as well as the reliability of the band’s provided products. Some of the key considering factors while buying sports shoes are Weight of the shoes, Outer- sole, Shoe fitting, etc. Considering these factors will surely raise your consciousness to buy sports shoes online in India. By doing this, you can prevent yourself from getting those creepy footwear that becomes a bother for your feet.

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Top 10 Best Footwear Brands In India

The Indian footwear market is growing at a faster rate due to individuals are willing to spend more on segments like formals, casuals, sportswear, adventure wear, home wear, beach wear, lounge wear, etc. About 55% of the whole footwear industry incorporates Men’s footwear, 30% for women and 15% for children, and making it  men dominant segment. When it comes to footwear in India, there are a variety of brand names. Bata, Aero, Liberty, Relaxo, and Paragon are top in demand Indian brands. On the other hand, Woodland, Nike, Adidas, Puma and Reebok are the most sought after international brands in the country.

Here Is The List Of Top Best Footwear Brands
1. Bata: Founded during 1931 as Bata Shoe Company Private Limited and went public in 1973 when it changed its name from Bata Shoe Company Private Limited to Bata India Limited. Today, Bata is the largest retailer, manufacturer of footwear in India. Its retail network of more than 1200 stores present in good locations. Men, Women and Kids are its major product categories. Ambassador, Comfit, Marie Clarie, Safari, North Star, PotaPata, Power etc., are some of the popular brand names.bata_logo

2.  Liberty
Liberty is an Indian footwear company worth over Rs 650 Crore, and operates in 20 different countries. It has been fashioning footwear for more than 5 decades for the style- conscious people all over the world. With an yearly turnover over U.S. $150 million at present, Liberty Shoes figure amongst the top 5 manufacturers of leather footwear of the world and producing over 50,000 pairs a day using a capacity of more than 3 lacs square feet of leather per month. Coolers, Force 10, Gliders, Senorita and Tiptopp, Footfun, Force 10, Gliders, Prefect, Fortune, Force 10, Gliders and Windsor, etc, are some of the popular brand names.
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3. Relaxo
An Indian company founded in 1984, but went public in the year 1995. Currently, Relaxo has a daily manufacturing rate of 3 lakh pieces and worth over Rs 1000 Crore with more than 10 manufacturing units across India, and its 9 manufacturing units are situated alone in northern India. Hawaii, Flite, Schoolmate, Sparx, Casualz, Elena, etc, are some of the popular brands.


4. Aero
It has established itself as a premier footwear brand in a short period of time in India due to its high quality, durability and comfort. Aero shoes are available in the various categories like Sports Shoes, Casual Shoes, Boots and Sandals. It is manufacturing a variety of Footwear, for example, Eva Shoes, Eva sheets, Phylon Sandals and Shoes, etc.. All the footwear is marketed under the brand name of “Aero”.aerofff

With cutting edge technology, and world class infrastructure, the company emerged itself among popular names and made their presence in both national and international markets. Quality and uniqueness of their products have resulted in a huge number of clients in a very short span of time. The client list of Aero includes various Brands and companies in India.

5. Paragon
An Indian organization set up in the year 1975 in Kerala. Today,  the total fabrication capacity (in-house) of Paragon is 400,000 pairs a day. Some famous brand names are Max, lickers, Meriva, Stimulus, Solea, Walkie, Vertex, Fookids, Para Lite, School Worth and Escoute. Paragon sells all over India, so  it needs no or little main chief product, this brand name brings its guarantee of value and soundness to a full scope of other footwear items made of PU,  PVC,  EVA and  TPR too.paragon-max

6. Adidas
A German Multinational Company, founded by Dassler brothers-Adi and Rudolph in 1949 and Headquartered in Herzongenaurach. Presently, Adidas is a leader among all shoe brands in the market. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of shoes, sports equipments, apparels and other accessories. Adidas sells its products both under its own name a different brand names such as Originals, Neo, Porsche Design Sport and Stella McCartney.addidas

7. Puma
A German Multinational Corporation was founded in the year 1948, and manufactures casual shoes, sport shoes, apparels and other sports accessories. Puma was launched in India in 2005, and since then it has made an ardent customer base. Today, puma is a well-known shoe brand in India  as well as it owns a significant share of this segment in the country.  Also, Puma sells its products in  over 100 countries through its extended sales network. Evo Speed, IGNITE, Karbon, Voltaic, Mobium Elite Speed Ferrari,  Expedite, Pulse, Faas, etc, are some of the popular brands of  Puma.Puma

8. Reebok
Another popular global brand with a huge presence in India, and a Multinational Footwear manufacturing company is a subsidiary of the German Group, Adidas. The company was founded by J.W. Foster in 1985 and acquired by Adidas in 2005, headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. The company manufactures sports shoes, clothes and other sports accessories. All Terrain Thunder, Plimton, Zjet, Royal Badge, Reebok Classic, etc., are some of its popular brand names.reebok_logo9. Woodland
One of the top 10  footwear Brands in India and is in 6th position currently based on various reasons such as for stylish look, on imaginative purpose, etc. In the year 1992, Woodland was founded in Canada  and it is a global footwear company. Woodland is owned by Aero Group with more than 3000 multi brand stores in many countries.  LB, LS, LD, LP, GC, GB, etc, are some of  its well-known brands across the globe.Woodland-Logo

10. Nike
A popular shoe brand, particularly among youth and worth over $10 Billion.  Nike was founded in the year 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight as Blue Ribbon Sports and later in 1971 its name was changed to Nike. Today, this shoe brand  a globally acclaimed company that is involved in manufacturing and selling of footwear, sports equipment, apparels and plenty of other accessories. The  headquarter is situated in Oregon. Nike sells its products under the brand names  Nike+, Air Max, Nike Dunk, Nike Football, Nike Running, Nike Blazers,  Nike SB, etc.nikeSo, these are the top 10 popular shoe brand names in India. If you think that we have missed anyone, please let us know, and will surely include that in our next post.

Key Factors To Choose The Right Kind Of Casual Footwear


Casual shoes are the ones that men wear everyday, and they include all types of footwear that are light on feet, airy as well as provide the wearer with world class comfort. These shoes are worn when you want to provide some sort of relaxation to your feet or when going for a or if vacation trip with your family or friends. You should team your casual footwear with rough and tough outfits in order that they stand out.

Tips to choose Casual Shoes

  • The Fit

We know that everyone has a different foot structure, so picking the right fit for you is very important. If you want to get the desired comfort, choose the perfect-fit shoe for yourself. In addition to this, you should pick the perfect size to keep your foot at ease, whether you like to wear moccasins, mules, sandals or lace-ups. If buying online, then many casual footwear for mens online store provide size chart as well.

  • The Brand

One thing that matters a lot while choosing footwear is “The brand”. Some people are choosy about the shoes they wear and are always preferred buying the top brands. Additionally, branded footwear’s are a better choice because you can be sure of the great quality of the footwear.

  • The Purpose Of Buying

Do you now different activities or sports games need different types of shoes? For example, if you want to have a comfortable and chic pair of shoes to hang around with your friends, then the sandals or slip-ons are the best choice for you. So, pay attention on your purpose of purchasing shoes for yourself.

  • The Season

This is really a key major factor and need to be considered while selecting the perfect casual footwear for you. For the balmy days, you can go for lightweight and open-toed shoes. On the other hand choose footwear that provides the needed warmth to your foot for winter days.

Therefore, when you are buying casual shoes, keep the above points in mind to make your investment worth. Apart from this, take your personal preferences into account as well in order to make a right choice.

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Footwear Styles With Different Outfits, Which Look Amazing

Men’s shoes come in a wide range of styles and you may not be aware of this as most men don’t experiment and usually have their favorite style, which they like to wear most of the time. Casual shoes for men are available in many online stores that provide the branded with discounted rates that are not available at physical shops. Apart from style and comfort, there are many styles of footwear that are offered for both men and women, such as loafers, boots, sneakers, boat, brogues and many more. These are styled with different outfits, which look bannerShoes differ according to the season, for example, sneakers are cool and funky they go for cool look while boots look very trendy in winters and of course saves your feet from cold.  Today, style and funky look  not only for the women, but  men also actively participate in their styling as well as maintain their overall looks from tip to toe.

Best Yet Expensive
These days casual , stylish and funky footwear  are available for men that go with both their clothing and occasions. Also, the comfort, color, size and shape of the shoes also matters the most to the many men, but sometimes it is not easy to get the exact size online. But, now there are a lot of authentic online stores that  provide the shoes, and  you can return shoe and change it, if it doesn’t match your foot banners22
Why Buy Shoes Online
There are many benefits of mens footwear online shopping india. These include the shoes are  inexpensive and there is much greater choice. Also, you ought to visit many sites on the web in order to purchase the right kind of wide fitting footwear. Besides, there are many top brands where you can  find out the right sort of wide fitting shoe. Read  reviews and surveys of the individuals  regarding distinctive shoe brands to choose the best brand of footwear for yourself.  Whenever you are buying men shoes online, do look for a site that offers free shipping.

Style With Comfort
At present, men are very conscious about their looks, they want to look good as well as they are very concerned about the shoes they wear.

How Are Casual Shoes A Form Of Social Currency Today


Shoes or footwear are a form of social currency today, and a good pair makes you stand out in the crowd. There are plenty of shoe manufacturers and sellers are now creating casual footwear to cater the very competitive market addressing needs of people belonging to different demographics, for example, cultures, ethics, age groups, etc. When it comes to satisfying customers, it has to be very significant to deeply analyse the area of user behaviour which includes attitudes, behaviours and perceptions. However, producing a respective product is a small part of the process, but the process ends up at the customer feedback that is the end point to justify that how much satisfaction has been delivered to the user.

However, it takes plenty of time to research regarding what is needed to manufacture that is also comprises of innovative design, hard team efforts, great manufacturing process, best quality material and in the last coming up with accurate customer demand fulfilment with feedback. Some of the fundamental features necessary for bringing-in in these casual footwear include:

  • Shoes Made of top quality fabric or leather

  • Shoe design that suits casual and formal styles

  • Utmost comfort and light weight with high quality standards

  • Comfortable material for inside with gentle padding inside

  • Unique designs with Rubber soles to enhance the grip

There are lots of authentic and leading brands for designing and manufacturing of casual shoes are collected together at one place providing the a wide range of shoe collections designed with innovative designs, greatest quality standards, best material, help of the professional empowered with latest software engineering to bring in the significant level of efficiency in the manufacturing process and the best casual shoes for Men at the end. Popular footwear manufacturers and sellers provide a unique range of shoes that are friendly with many dressing styles and defining them as the fashionable shoes. In addition to this, they are always designed right according to the most up-to-date fashion trends of the market. Go for casual footwear online shopping because it is convenient.

Shoes are a compulsory part of life and everyone has to buy them for as long as they stay. Just because you need footwear does not mean that they can’t be fun, but the design you use or the type of footwear you buy says a lot about you. So, buy your next pair of shoes carefully.