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Make your walking more stylish with best footwear brands

Furthermore, when you are at work, you will always need to look your best in order that you are able to make a good impression in the eyes of the employees and your employer. The best way that will make you surely stand out of the crowd is if you look great from top to bottom, and the right kind of footwear plays a very big role in this. Traditionally footwear have been made from a number of materials like wood, leather, cloth or canvas among other things. But, leather shoes have till date stayed in fashion as well as are the world’s largest selling type of footwear today.

There are a lot of well established branded shoes for men in India, and some of the outstanding Indian brands in the shoe industry include Bata, Aero etc. These brands used to focus on different shoes such as Sports Shoes, Casual Shoes, Boots, etc, under different model names. But, because of the changing scenario of the footwear industry in the country, and the increased emphasis on brand value, these brands have rapidly adapted to making shoes and other footwear products. Emerging Brands like Aero are providing good competition to the other well-known brands. Aside, such as rising brands have taken the footwear industry to another level and they have beautifully combined luxury with affordability. Besides, the design of their shoes comforting and are meant for walking.

The best way to stay up to date with the trendy and stylish launches is to keep looking at the creations that these brands come up often. You can always select the right pair of matching shoes that can compliment each and every look and outfits of yours. However, choosing the right brand or footwear can be a tough job, but you can opt to mens best footwear brand in india so that you can review each brand, product, price individually before placing your order.

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Top 10 Best Footwear Brands In India

The Indian footwear market is growing at a faster rate due to individuals are willing to spend more on segments like formals, casuals, sportswear, adventure wear, home wear, beach wear, lounge wear, etc. About 55% of the whole footwear industry incorporates Men’s footwear, 30% for women and 15% for children, and making it  men dominant segment. When it comes to footwear in India, there are a variety of brand names. Bata, Aero, Liberty, Relaxo, and Paragon are top in demand Indian brands. On the other hand, Woodland, Nike, Adidas, Puma and Reebok are the most sought after international brands in the country.

Here Is The List Of Top Best Footwear Brands
1. Bata: Founded during 1931 as Bata Shoe Company Private Limited and went public in 1973 when it changed its name from Bata Shoe Company Private Limited to Bata India Limited. Today, Bata is the largest retailer, manufacturer of footwear in India. Its retail network of more than 1200 stores present in good locations. Men, Women and Kids are its major product categories. Ambassador, Comfit, Marie Clarie, Safari, North Star, PotaPata, Power etc., are some of the popular brand names.bata_logo

2.  Liberty
Liberty is an Indian footwear company worth over Rs 650 Crore, and operates in 20 different countries. It has been fashioning footwear for more than 5 decades for the style- conscious people all over the world. With an yearly turnover over U.S. $150 million at present, Liberty Shoes figure amongst the top 5 manufacturers of leather footwear of the world and producing over 50,000 pairs a day using a capacity of more than 3 lacs square feet of leather per month. Coolers, Force 10, Gliders, Senorita and Tiptopp, Footfun, Force 10, Gliders, Prefect, Fortune, Force 10, Gliders and Windsor, etc, are some of the popular brand names.
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3. Relaxo
An Indian company founded in 1984, but went public in the year 1995. Currently, Relaxo has a daily manufacturing rate of 3 lakh pieces and worth over Rs 1000 Crore with more than 10 manufacturing units across India, and its 9 manufacturing units are situated alone in northern India. Hawaii, Flite, Schoolmate, Sparx, Casualz, Elena, etc, are some of the popular brands.


4. Aero
It has established itself as a premier footwear brand in a short period of time in India due to its high quality, durability and comfort. Aero shoes are available in the various categories like Sports Shoes, Casual Shoes, Boots and Sandals. It is manufacturing a variety of Footwear, for example, Eva Shoes, Eva sheets, Phylon Sandals and Shoes, etc.. All the footwear is marketed under the brand name of “Aero”.aerofff

With cutting edge technology, and world class infrastructure, the company emerged itself among popular names and made their presence in both national and international markets. Quality and uniqueness of their products have resulted in a huge number of clients in a very short span of time. The client list of Aero includes various Brands and companies in India.

5. Paragon
An Indian organization set up in the year 1975 in Kerala. Today,  the total fabrication capacity (in-house) of Paragon is 400,000 pairs a day. Some famous brand names are Max, lickers, Meriva, Stimulus, Solea, Walkie, Vertex, Fookids, Para Lite, School Worth and Escoute. Paragon sells all over India, so  it needs no or little main chief product, this brand name brings its guarantee of value and soundness to a full scope of other footwear items made of PU,  PVC,  EVA and  TPR too.paragon-max

6. Adidas
A German Multinational Company, founded by Dassler brothers-Adi and Rudolph in 1949 and Headquartered in Herzongenaurach. Presently, Adidas is a leader among all shoe brands in the market. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of shoes, sports equipments, apparels and other accessories. Adidas sells its products both under its own name a different brand names such as Originals, Neo, Porsche Design Sport and Stella McCartney.addidas

7. Puma
A German Multinational Corporation was founded in the year 1948, and manufactures casual shoes, sport shoes, apparels and other sports accessories. Puma was launched in India in 2005, and since then it has made an ardent customer base. Today, puma is a well-known shoe brand in India  as well as it owns a significant share of this segment in the country.  Also, Puma sells its products in  over 100 countries through its extended sales network. Evo Speed, IGNITE, Karbon, Voltaic, Mobium Elite Speed Ferrari,  Expedite, Pulse, Faas, etc, are some of the popular brands of  Puma.Puma

8. Reebok
Another popular global brand with a huge presence in India, and a Multinational Footwear manufacturing company is a subsidiary of the German Group, Adidas. The company was founded by J.W. Foster in 1985 and acquired by Adidas in 2005, headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. The company manufactures sports shoes, clothes and other sports accessories. All Terrain Thunder, Plimton, Zjet, Royal Badge, Reebok Classic, etc., are some of its popular brand names.reebok_logo9. Woodland
One of the top 10  footwear Brands in India and is in 6th position currently based on various reasons such as for stylish look, on imaginative purpose, etc. In the year 1992, Woodland was founded in Canada  and it is a global footwear company. Woodland is owned by Aero Group with more than 3000 multi brand stores in many countries.  LB, LS, LD, LP, GC, GB, etc, are some of  its well-known brands across the globe.Woodland-Logo

10. Nike
A popular shoe brand, particularly among youth and worth over $10 Billion.  Nike was founded in the year 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight as Blue Ribbon Sports and later in 1971 its name was changed to Nike. Today, this shoe brand  a globally acclaimed company that is involved in manufacturing and selling of footwear, sports equipment, apparels and plenty of other accessories. The  headquarter is situated in Oregon. Nike sells its products under the brand names  Nike+, Air Max, Nike Dunk, Nike Football, Nike Running, Nike Blazers,  Nike SB, etc.nikeSo, these are the top 10 popular shoe brand names in India. If you think that we have missed anyone, please let us know, and will surely include that in our next post.